Tip #1: Did you know – You can add your business logo to reports & quotes.

QuiltyCloud allows you to add your logo under Settings. Your logo is automatically added to your quotes and reports.

Tip #2: Did you know – You can easily create your own pricing structure.

With QuiltyCloud, you can create your own Pricing including quilt tops, quilt designs, batting, backing, and special add-ons like rush jobs and borders. These prices are used to automatically calculate your quotes.

Tip #3: Did you know – It’s possible to Create and Email quotes in less than 60 seconds.

With QuiltyCloud, you can create a Quote with a few clicks while viewing thumbnails of your quilting designs and thread. With a Premium subscription, the inventory feature (see inventory video) keeps you from quoting items that are not on-hand. Once the quote is complete, it can be emailed with one click.

Tip #4: Did you know – The price of a QuiltyCloud annual subscription pays for itself if it helps you do one extra quilt a year.

QuiltyCloud provides professional and consistent quotes for your customers, and with a Premium subscription, it can generate sales leads when using the Affiliate feature (see the Affiliate video).

Tip #5: Did you know – Longarm quilting is a taxable event in many states.

QuiltyCloud automatically calculates sales tax (under Quotes) for customers inside your home State. You set Origination tax rates under Settings and Destination tax rates under Companies. Some States use the Origination method (tax rates are based on where your business is located) while others use Destination (where the customer lives).

Tip #6: Did you know – Charity quilts can normally be used as a tax write off.

QuiltyCloud tracks your charity quilts for end-of-year tax reporting. Just click on the YEAR-TO-DATE CHARITY button under Reports for a summarized report.

Tip #7: Did you know – Your thread, designs and batting inventory can be managed on your smart phone.

With a QuiltyCloud Premium subscription, the inventory feature (see inventory video) keeps you from quoting items that are not on-hand. You can quickly order new supplies by clicking the Link button.

Tip #8: Did you know – Quilting in America 2014 survey indicates market is worth $3.76 billion annually.

With QuiltyCloud, you’re able to manage coupon codes and affiliates so everyone is motivated to use your quilting service; customers and affiliates alike. The challenge is the administration of coupon codes, discounts, payments, and taxes. QuiltyCloud automates this process making it a snap as shown in the affiliate video.

For example, let’s say there is a quilt shop in town with a booming business.
By making that quilt shop your affiliate, they are motivated to provide coupon codes for your quilting services. It’s not only a discount to the customer; it also rewards the affiliate (quilt shop owner) with a commission check. You, the customer and affiliate are rewarded. Now that’s a win-win-win!

Tip #9: Did you know – You can create a photographic inventory of your customer’s quilt kit.

When a customer delivers a quilt for longarm quilting, you can take a photo of the inventory
and upload it to QuiltyCloud for a record of receipt. This way, any disputes are quickly resolved.Photos are uploaded using the Quote function.

Tip #10: Did you know – You can show your portfolio of completed quilts on your smart phone.

With QuiltyCloud, you can quickly search and show thumbnails of your quilting expertise when you’re away from the office. Thumbnails of quilts and your inventory of designs and thread are viewed using the Image function.

Tip #11: Did you know – You now have access to hundreds of threads with pre-loaded libraries.

With a QuiltyCloud Premium subscription, the library feature (see library video) allows you to import from hundreds of pre-loaded items (e.g. threads) into your personal library.

Tip #12: Did you know – Sales reporting is just a click away.

With QuiltyCloud, you can create a Report with just one click – like LAST MONTH QUOTES, YEAR-TO-DATE QUOTES, CURRENT MONTH SALES, and YEAR-TO-DATE SALES. The sales reports also include sales tax for tax reporting.

Tip #13: Did you know – QuiltyCloud provides a To-Do list for the busy quilter.

With QuiltyCloud, you can create a backlog Report by clicking the BACKLOG REPORT button for a complete list of ordered quilts that require work.