QuiltyCloudTM offers an online business system for Quilt Makers and Longarm Quilters who want to simplify their business and Rack More QuiltsTM. Using any computer or smartphone over the Internet, business can be done anytime, anywhere…

The QuiltyCloud team has extensive experience in the Quilting and Internet industry having successfully run multiple businesses.

How it Works

A cloud-based service is a fancy term for running applications on servers at a secure Cloud Provider. Accessible over the Internet, a person uses a browser to access and configure the application. Examples of cloud-based services are Google Drive, DropBox, Facebook, Sales Force, Apple iCloud, Intuit Mint, and so on.

The primary advantages of a cloud-based service are as follows:

  • Low-cost, subscription-based service
  • No software to purchase, configure, upgrade or maintain
  • Users are not tethered to expensive computers at the office
  • Supports mobile devices for people who are on-the-go
  • Connectivity is secure using modern encryption techniques
  • Focused and easy-to-use applications
  • Data backups are automatically performed

cloud service